All-In-One Investor Management Tool

Irmatiq is a comprehensive SaaS tool for managing all stages of investor relations and services. It provides support in the processes of changing personal data, tracking the maturity of instruments, generating, signing and storing documents. It also has a CRM for the investor base or a webinar module that will ensure safe, high-quality audio-video communication with investors via various end devices.

A new standard in servicing investors on the private market

The idea for the Irmatiq platform arose from the needs of the growing private investment market. The tool will be addressed to private (non-public) companies with several thousand to several thousand investors, both equity investors (shares, stocks) and debt investors (loans). The value of the solution is to be appreciated by development companies with dispersed shareholders, private issuance companies that finance themselves with loans, as well as ASI (alternative joint-stock companies). It helps private companies to conveniently handle stocks, shares or debt instruments.

Irmatiq improves the formal side of managing communication with investors by generating, signing and storing the necessary documentation. Along with the greater number of investors, there is more and more work required, which, thanks to the all-in-one platform, can be performed faster and more clearly. Automation, CRM, investor's account, safe communication are the practices that the market needs. The company also provides hardware solutions for enhanced security of communications, through encrypted cameras and audio equipement.

Irmatiq is a project led by Dr. Jakub Niestrój, a manager and investor with nearly 20 years of experience in the area of ​​business development. His experiences includes being Managing Partner of the Averton Sterling ASI Fund, and in the past also a member of supervisory boards of consulting and investment companies recognized on the market, including Alteverso, Crowdway, and Q-Value.