Sky Trading

AI Platform to Backtest your Strategies for Equity, Forex, and Crypto Trading

Sky Trading is a platform that enables anyone to build, test and improve their own automated trading strategy.

The tech company develops AI powered tools that help traders to generate bigger profits on equity, FOREX, and cryptocurrency exchanges. And it’s not only for professional traders; the company developed a ‘code-less’ programming language, so any user can create algorithmic trading strategies and deploy them to their trading accounts quickly and easily, without needing to know how to code. This opens up the market for individual traders to take on the stock market with reduced risk, by first backtesting their strategies. 

 Thanks to the built-in machine learning module, the application automatically improves strategies and shows the optimal settings needed to improve results using AI and ML trading robots. The application will enable users to create their own unique investment strategies by using easy and intuitive features; the system will then apply specific investment strategies to historical data in order to assess their effectiveness. By using certain parameters, the module can adapt to the current conditions prevailing on the stock exchange.The key benefits include detection of price dependencies and prediction of the value of shares in the short term. The main measure of progress is the transaction profitability parameter.