Invested in Tech Trailblazers

NB: As of July 2023, this fund has finished its investment period and is no longer accepting new applications.
We invest up to $1M into innovative, early-stage tech companies, with a focus on hardware-enabled startups in Poland. Our support brings 15+ years of first-hand experience in business and product development, and a global network. The fund was co-created with the PFR Starter FIZ program from PFR Ventures.

About Arkley

As an Accelerator VC, Arkley was a pioneer for hardware investements in Europe. The fund focused on early-stage startups, helping them grow from prototype to IPO. We enabled our portfolio to validate their products, connected them with distributors, and introduced them to our partners in Silicon Valley. In the past we invested into 5 startups; all of them successfully raised follow-on rounds in 2017. We supported many more companies via our Arkley Launchpad accelerator platform.

12 projects

6 exits

3 IPOs

About Brinc

Our global partner, Brinc, is an investor and accelerator that empowers founders who are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges through new technology-based solutions. Their unique value add is a strong partner network in China, enabling Brinc to provide the best manufacturing, sales & distribution channels for its startups. Brinc's current portfolio includes 240 startups with teams from 40 countries. Startups receive from $50,000 to $500,000.

240 investments

40 countries

11 accelerators


Arkley Brinc is part of the PFR Starter FIZ fund from PFR Ventures, financing innovative early and seed stage companies in Poland. We provide funding and support, from business & product development to securing follow on funding.



Ticket size:

Up to $1M

The Ecosystem

Product Development

We provide access to prototyping and design services across the CEE region, which can take your product from concept to reality.+ 10 partners


We provide access to manufacturers from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, moving your product to the Chinese hothouse of innovations.+ 10 partners

Sales & Distribution

Whether it is B2C or B2B, we help our portfolio companies reach their customers and set up sales channels with retailers and distributors worldwide.+ 20 partners

Follow-on Rounds

We help to organize the next investment round with strategic investors. We are also experienced with crowdfunding to launch new products.+ 30 VCs
Deep China Expertise
We provide a deep insight into the global hub of hardware & IoT innovations: the Greater Bay area in China.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Global Business & Financial Hub
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Hong Kong is a natural hub for technology flows to and from the Chinese mainland.

Situated next to the Greater Bay, where 30% of China’s high-tech production takes place.

Commercially sophisticated technology platform with excellent project financing and fundraising options.

Strong government support and incentives.

Well-educated talent pool dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and technology.

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Product Development Hub
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Shenzhen is a geek wonderland at the heart of the technology manufacturing hub. It’s a place where the future of tech snaps together at breakneck speed.

Already in-market are products from Shenzhen- based Huawei, ZTE and TCL. It’s also home to R&D centers for major tech brands.

Huaqiang Electronics World - a massive components emporium where, day-in and day-out, traders sell the circuit boards, LEDs, bolts and screws that go into the world's electronic gadgets.

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Trading & Logistics Hub
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Guangzhou commerce economy is likely to retain medium-high growth in long-term period under its healthy commerce environment.

Guangzhou Pilot Free Trade Zone boosts the foreign trade and investment in the nation's third biggest city, which will create new opportunities and advantages to the area.

The infrastructure construction of Maritime Silk Road will further benefit Guangzhou, motivating enterprises based in Guangzhou to "go global".

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We're on the lookout for exceptional startups to join our portfolio. Areas of interest include IoT, hardware, FoodTech, Industrial Tech, IoT+Media, Energy, Environmental tech, Mobility, and Smart Cities. If you're seeking investment to develop your your product and launch your business, get in touch!